Here are the radios I have in my current shack setup:


I recently purchased an FT-1000MP, loaded with all filters.  I have been wanting one
for years, ever since I had the pleasure to use the one that our local radio club has.
I have the FT-1000MP connected to my Yaesu FL-7000 solid-state amplifier, and using
the band cable between the two, the amplifer automatically switches bands with the
radio.  The rig is still new to me, but, so far I am enjoying using it, and discovering
all of the many features it has to offer.


It was built in the 1980’s.  This rig was fully loaded, with all filters when I bought it.  I added the optional internal CW keyer board.  The FT-980 is connected to my PC via an FIF-232C interface, for CAT control.  I use TXManager software for rig control.  I have it connected to a Heathkit SB-200 amplifier when I need QRO.  The FT-980 is a solid state rig, covering 160m-10m including WARC.  The radio also includes an internal, but separate general coverage receiver.  Output of this rig from the solid state finals is 100w.  The Heathkit SB-200 amplifier uses a pair of 572B tubes, and I typically see 500w-700w, output, depending on the band.


This is my favorite rig.  This FT-102 is in excellent condition, and has been fully “Malcomized” by Malcom Eiselman, NC4L.  He is the foremost authority worldwide on this radio, and when he goes through one, it is better than new.  This is a complete station, consisting of the FT-102, SP-102, SP-102P, FV-102DM, and FC-102.  The FC-102 also has the FAS-1-4R four position antenna switch option.  This 102 is loaded with all filters, as well as the AM/FM board.  It is a pleasure to operate.  I have another FT-102, that I bought as a parts rig, non-working.  I plan on sending this extra 102 to Mal, as well, to be “Malcomized”.  I have all of the above accessories for this 102, as well, with the exception of the SP-102P, and FC-102, which I hope to find later.  The FT-102 is a hybrid radio, consisting of all solid state components, with the exception of the 12by7a driver tube, and three 6146B final amplifier tubes.  In this arrangement, typical output is 150w.

FT-101E, EE, EX

I have a total of five of the FT-101E series rigs.  Three of those are fully functional.  Two of those three were repaired by myself.  I have two more on the bench, awaiting repair.  I have a multiples of all the station accessories to go with the radios, including the FL-2100B amplifier.  I have one working FL-2100B, and one on my bench, awaiting repair.  The 101 series of radios, is one of my favorite rigs, as it was my first.  I will always have one in my shack.  The 101 series is a hybrid radio, utilizing all solid state components, with the exception of the 12by7a driver tube, and two 6JS6C final amplifier tubes.  It does 160m-10m, excluding WARC, and typical output is 100w.  The FL-2100B uses a pair of 572B tubes, and I typically get between 500w-700w output, depending on the band.


I have a total of two FT-101ZD Mk II rigs.  Both function, but, one is on my bench, needing a few adjustments.  The fully working ZD has a complete station worth of accessories, which includes the rare station monitor scope w/bandscope, and transverter w/6m, 2m, and 440 Mhz modules installed.  The FT-101ZD is a hybrid radio, consisting of all solid state components, with the exception of the 12BY7A driver tube, and two 6146B final amplifier tubes.  It does 160m-10m, including WARC, and has a typical output of 100w.


I have two FT-901DM rigs in my shack, with accessories.  Both rigs work, but, need a bit of
TLC, as with any rig of this age.  I will update with any work I do on these rigs.  The 901’s
are classic Yaesu, all the way!


I have a FT-8800R that I use for 2m/440 Mhz local repeater use.  This is a great little radio, which has an output of 50w on 2m, and 35w on th 440 Mhz band.  I also use this rig for packet work.